Please call Town of Haxtun for assistance at 970-774-6104.

In case of utility emergencies after hours, please call

Phillips County Comm Center 970-854-2735.


Pay Your Bill Online

Credit cards accepted are American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. A portal administration fee for credit card payments or electronic check payments will be charged and retained by the Portal, not the Town of Haxtun.

A convenience fee of $1 will be charged for payments made using an electronic check regardless of the transaction amount. The convenience fee for credit cards are as follows: the amount of the (payment + $.75 x 2.25%) + $.75 (example for a payment of $10.00): ($10 + $.75) x 2.25% = $10.75 x 2.25% = $.24 + $.75=$.99. Your card would be charged $10.99 for the transaction.

Pay Bill Online

Alternatively, sign up for automatic payments via ACH Agreement.


Setting Up Services

The Town of Haxtun provides electric, water, sewer, and trash services to the residents and businesses within Town limits.

To receive utility services from the Town of Haxtun:

  • Each customer must fill out a utility application and pay a $200 meter deposit. Utility deposits are refunded or applied to the final bill once the property is sold/deeded to another customer.
  • Utility bills are due upon receipt. A penalty of 10% of the total electric charge will be applied to all delinquent accounts on the 11th of each month.
    Utility accounts not paid in full by the 20th of each month will have a $30 disconnect fee added to the balance.
  • A charge of $30 will be added to any returned payments.
  • Non-payment of accounts will be subject to disconnect without further notice, and a reconnect fee will be assessed.

Utility Reminders for Haxtun Residents

  • Utility bills are due by the 10th of each month.
  • Trash pickup for residential trash is every Monday.
  • Trash pickup for commercial trash is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Please do NOT put grass clippings/tree branches in your trash container, they cannot go in the trash truck.
  • The Town has a grass pile/tree limb dump that is available for all residents on the West side of Town.
  • Trash Containers must not weigh over 75 lbs. full and must have 2 sturdy handles on each side.
  • Please do NOT put any Processed Wood (ex: 2x4) in your trash. All Processed Wood needs to be taken to the Phillips County Landfill.
  • Trash containers must no weigh over 75 lbs full and must have 2 sturdy handles on each side. The Town of Haxtun has containers for sale, please call Town Hall for more information.
  • Please do NOT put any processed wood (ex: 2x4) in your trash. All processed wood need to be taken to the Phillips County Landfill
  • The Town of Haxtun does NOT pickup roofing shingles or materials. All roofing material needs to be taken to the Phillips County Landfill
  • Phillips County Landfill 970-854-2166
  • Recycle Bins are available on the East side of town.
    What can be recycled: Plastic #1 & #2, office paper, magazines, newspaper, steel cans, aluminum cans
    What can NOT be recycled: Plastic bags, any #3 or higher plastic, chip board, trash, Styrofoam